Sabbath Services;  
9:30am Sabbath School Classes.    
10:45am  Church Service    
Followed by Fellowship Meal
Pastor: Howard Williams

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Seminar Begins Here Friday, March 16th @ 7:00p.m. ~ Open to all!! Come on Down.

             Bible Seminar: Schedule & Program Titles: 

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​      7pm. Fri. 3/16 ~ Is there a solution for the world-wide crisis?

        7pm. Sat. 3/17 ~ If God is good, why so much suffering?

        7pm. Sun. 3/18 ~ Occult, witchcraft, and the satanism epidemic.

        7pm. Mon. 3/19 ~ An ancient dream reveals the worlds history.

        7pm. Thur. 3/22 ~ The most amazing Bible prophecy.

        7pm. Fri. 3/23 ~ The good news about the judgement.

        7pm. Sat. 3/24 ~ How does one become a Christian?

        7pm. Sun. 3/25 ~ God's successful transplant.

        7pm. Mon. 3.26 ~ The beginning of a new life.

        7pm. Thur. 3/29 ~ God's seal for survival.

        7pm. Fri. 3/30 ~ Armageddon and the seven last plagues.

        7pm. Sat. 3/31 ~ The coming of the King.

        7pm. Sun. 4/1 ~. Revelation's grand finale.

March 24th 2018
Sermon: Tiana Rabearison 'The Unpardonable Sin'
PA: Valerie; Worship Coordinator: Rob; Praise Music: Ken/Vicki; Children Story: Charleen; Fellowship Dinner: No meal scheduled -
Our Kitchen is being remodeled.

March 17th 2018
Sermon: Tiana Rabearison 'Who was converted, the Prodigal Son or his Brother?'
PA: Bill; Worship Coordinator: Greg; Praise Music: Thelma/Donna; Children Story: TBA; Fellowship Dinner: No meal scheduled - Kitchen being remodeled.  

March 10th 2018
Sermon: TBA
PA: Todd; Worship Coordinator: Bill; Praise Music: Vernon/Linda; Children Story: Penny; Fellowship Dinner: Italian; Bev/Marianne

March 3rd 2018
Sermon: Jere Webb
PA: Cindy; Worship Coordinator: Vernon; Praise Music: Vernon/Linda; Children Story: Tania; Fellowship Dinner: Pot Luck, any entre; Rod/Sherry