Sabbath Services;  
9:30am Sabbath School Classes.    
10:45am  Church Service    
Followed by Fellowship Meal
Pastor: Howard Williams

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December 9th 2017
Sermon: TVSDA ~
Christmas Presentation
PA: Bill; Worship Coordinator: Marianne; Praise Music: Sybil/Bob; Children Story: Valerie  Fellowship Dinner: Bev/Virginia


December 2nd 2017
Sermon: Marianne Daugharthy - "Heart Transplant"

PA: Valarie; Worship Coordinator: Vernon; Praise Music: Vernon/Linda; Children Story: Tania  Fellowship Dinner: Rod/Shari

November 25th 2017
Sermon: Pastor Howard -  

PA: Cindy; Worship Coordinator: Bill; Praise Music: Rob Knot/Thelma; Children Story: Penny  Fellowship Dinner HayStack Fixin's "YUM!!:)  4th Sabbath


November 18th 2017
Sermon: Jere Webb

PA: Todd; Worship Coordinator: Linda; Praise Music: Mace Family; Children Story: Tori Mace; Fellowship Dinner: Jack/Sandy

Week of Prayer Beginning Nov 12th thru Nov 18th @ 7:00PM.
We are Meeting in the Church Chapel: JOIN US?!
November 12 - All believers in Mission
November 13 - Transforming Mission
November 14 - Mission with Compassion & Empathy
November 15 - Mission with Love, Christ method
November 16 - MIssion with Conviction
November 17 - Transformational Mission
November 18 - Mission Accomplish

November 11th 2017
Sermon: Pastor Howard - 'God's Mission'

PA: Bill; Worship Coordinator: Marianne​; Praise Music: PraiseBand; Children Story: Charleen; Fellowship Dinner: Bev/Virginia


November 4th 2017
Sermon: Sybil Arnett  - '
Our personal witness that Our God is an Awesome God!'

PA: Cindy; Worship Coordinator: Vernon​; Praise Music: Vernon/Linda; Children Story: Tania; Fellowship Dinner: Rod/Shari